The Big Chop is something many people with overly processed natural hair will do at some point in their lives. Many of us have spent years (or a lifetime) relaxing our hair and filling it with chemicals. At some point, this causes the hair to become irreparably damaged and the only solution is to cut it off. Depending on how much your hair has grown out, the Big Chop can leave you with a beautiful afro or no hair at all.

The Big Chop is the easiest way to get rid of breaking and fried hair and start fresh. It can also be a breath of fresh air for those who spend valuable time daily styling their hair. The Big Chop and wearing your hair natural can cut your daily styling time down to just a few minutes every day.

Tips For The Big Chop

If you’re coming into our natural hair salon in Jackson for the Big Chop, there are a few things you can do for the best results. First, come in with clean, dry, unstyled hair. This will give our hair stylists the opportunity to work with your hair in its most natural state. Wet hair or hair that has been pulled straight might look even after the initial cut, but after another wash and dry, it may look uneven.

Before you come in, make sure you are ready for the big chop. Whether this means you have all of your wigs ready to go or you have emotionally prepared to be a short-haired beauty for some time, being prepared mentally will make the transition to all-natural hair much smoother.

After you undergo the Big Chop, don’t forget to continue to moisturize and treat your hair with love. Even if your hair is practically shaved down to your scalp, you still need to moisturize it now so it will be gorgeous and soft when it grows out.

If You’re Not Ready For The Big Chop…

Our hair is a huge part of our identity. For some of us, that identity lies in the texture, and for others, it lies in the length. Some people can come in and chop off all of their hair without blinking an eye. Some people have a harder time saying goodbye. If that sounds like you, don’t worry! You can take your time transitioning from chemically-treated to natural hair.

The biggest complication that our clients experience with this is having two different hair textures. The new growth of your hair will be curly and nature, while the bottom of your hair can look straighter. It can be tempting to straighten your entire head during this period, but we would suggest attempting heat-free styles in order to protect the integrity of your new hair growth. Great options for this transitioning period are braids, twists, and headscarves. You can also use this time to experiment with fun and stylish wigs.

Choose The Right Natural Hair Salon For The Big Chop

When it comes to working with natural hair, you want to choose a hair salon that knows what they’re doing. At Natural Strands, natural hair is all we do. Our natural hair stylists are familiar with recognizing curl patterns so they can give you the haircut you deserve and you can leave our salon feeling gorgeous and refined, no matter how short or long your hair is.

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